killer man

If you’re anything like me, sometimes the realities and difficulties that life present us are too difficult to face and sometimes fiction truly is better than our present existence. Unfortunately, the chances of finding the perfect blend of Darcy-Knightly-Wentworth-Tilney and Blythe are near impossible. What was that I heard? The simultaneous crushing of billions of women’s hearts around the globe. It just goes to show that a girl’s dreams can be a little far-fetched at times. (Despite this, I still maintain that he is waiting for me somewhere!)


But when it comes down to it, what is it that we love about all these men? It’s the qualities and characteristics that define them, Darcy’s strength and unwavering affection, Knightly’s all-round amiability, Tilney’s charm and Wentworth’s devotion – ‘You pierce my soul’ – no Wentworth, you pierce mine. And Gilbert Blythe, he’s just Gilbert and everyone deserves one!


But girls! Don’t despair! If life has taught me anything, it’s that the best authors are simply able to articulate human nature. And they usually draw inspiration from somewhere, so yes, that Gilbert Blythe or Mr Knightly may just have existed. (And all hearts were sent aflutter at the mere thought!)


The age old question remains unanswered. How do I know I’m with the right man? Well here is an essential guideline

The Non-Negotiables

Respectful – he needs to respect you, your values, standards and of course your family & friends

Truthful – to everyone and about everything. Trust is quintessential, it is hard to gain and easily abused

Strong character – you need to be inspired by your man! Are you proud of who he is and what he stands for?

Integrity – You need to share the same beliefs. Whether that be your faith or your aspirations, you both need to be on the same page

Insect slayer – quintessential, and let’s look at this realistically, it gives your man a chance to feel like a hero

shape shifters, game changers

What is style? Style is being comfortable in pushing boundaries, and it is style that defines you. When struggling to muster up the courage to take that adventurous step to try that shirt dress or purchase those box heels, the first place to draw inspiration from is the ‘60s.

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MOD fashion defined a generation. The pixie cut, the mini shirt, the shift dress! Twiggy remains one of the most recognisable faces globally, she redefined beautiful. The term was no longer solely applied to the Vogue cover girl in the floral dress, with the 20 inch waist and the perfect perm. Beautiful became different. The central focus of the MOD movement was to rebel against the rigid constraints of the particularly feminine fashions of the ‘50s and create what was to become an iconic age of fashion rule breaking.

Image823 Image828 Image833

Still uncertain about those high-waisted wide leg pants? Or that formless mini? Get a trusty second opinion. No, that is not always your sister or your mum. Sometimes it takes a good friend who understands you and your style to give you that little confidence boost, or that little pep talk out of a ‘fashionable’ buy (which you are usually eternally grateful for in hindsight).

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Here are a couple of ideas to get your stylish little self out of the comfort zone of your trusty closet and into the change room! Whether its minimalist chic, androgynous, a bold print or even a new hairdo, there is no harm in giving something a go!

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With love x

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Love the colour green but for some reason it just does not go with your skin tone, eye colour and hair? This is completely normal and you are not alone, there is reason behind it. See the very helpful little diagram that explains to you what tones suit your beautiful natural features.


With love, x

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the basic life

Basic t-shirts. So much yes. My wardrobe is made up of these little babies. And they can be worn for work, rest & play. Style a crew neck tee with boyfriend jeans for a casual Saturday juice date, or tuck it into a nice skirt with box heels and a blazer for a dinner catch up with the girls. Check out the pics for tips below. We suggest owning a few different colours & patterns ie. stripes and regular to over-sized fits that are versatile and can be used for multiple outfits.

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Crew Neck traditional form of the t-shirt, round neckline and no collar. Originally created in 1932 as an undergarment that would absorb sweat and prevent chafing from American footballers’ shoulder pads. The U.S Navy was the first to adopt the crew neck.

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V-Neck originated from the Middle East. Modeled off the crew neck and designed to be worn as an unseen undergarment. V-necks are now worn as a more formal, dressy version of the traditional crew neck.

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Ringer T-Shirt jersey fabric is one colour, the ribbing for the collar and sleeve bands are of a contrasting colour. Ringers were introduced in the U.S in the early 1950’s and gained popularity, especially among youth and the rock and roll subculture.

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Scoop Neck a looser take on the crew neck, it has a low, very rounded neckline. The scoop is usually a tighter fit and has been adapted from the crew neck for a more formal look.

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Sleeveless the t-shirt without sleeves. Also called a muscle shirt, they were often worn during athletic events and were colloquially known as shooter shirts in Southern US. Since then they have adopted a looser, more casual fit.

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Long Sleeve The crew neck lengthened, originally used for thermal properties. They are lightweight and less insulating than jumpers.

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how to build the perfect wardrobe

a guide


reserve your closet space for items you love 100%


develop a strong personal style and perfect signature look


build a wardrobe of high-quality key pieces that last you more than just a few seasons


forget conventional style typologies like ‘classic’ or ‘bohemian’ and create your own unique look


aim for form and function. you should be able to walk, run and dance in every outfit


get excited about fashion trends that suit your own style, but ignore all others


invest time and thought into developing your style and selecting the perfect garments


select harmonising, mixable items and build a strong foundation of key pieces


comfort is non-negotiable. if an item scratches, itches, tugs or rides up – out it goes


stay inspired and redefine your style often

rebel with a cause

Denim is iconic. Who can resist the sultry smoulder of James Dean in a classic white tee, leather jacket, and of course, those denim jeans. Or Farah Fawcett’s cooler than cool shoot for Vogue in 1972? Whether you go for skinny or straight, tapered or bootleg, boyfriend or capree, jeans are your best friend and the perfect transitional basic. Summer or winter you can chuck on a pair of your trusty jeans and they will work wonders!

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The right pair of jeans is much like Cinderella’s Fairy God Mother, no matter what you feel like, you look amazing and they are there for you in those troubled times where you look in your wardrobe and it screams out ‘You have nothing to wear!’. These days there are jeans for all shapes and sizes, so here is a quick guide to what styles might possibly suit you.

Tips on buying ‘that pair’ of jeans:

  1. Take your time – Denim is an investment, don’t take it lightly, shop around, try on different styles and brands. Each brand is unique in its colour, cut and style so be patient because there is a brand which has your name written all over it
  2. Check your butt – simple advice but essential. Whatever they look like from the front, you are not two dimensional, if the back view isn’t great or it doesn’t give your butt that perky lift, don’t buy them.
  3. Don’t be afraid to spend money – again, may sound simple, but we all need that reminder. Wait until you have a considerable amount of money to splurge on yourself. Jeans are a staple for every wardrobe and the perfect ‘all year round’ look. Buying the best pair of jeans for you is saving you money in the long run, don’t be caught out by false economy. Cheap jeans look like cheap jeans.
  4. Be brave – Try and go for a new look to spruce up what you already have – maybe that khaki green you’ve been eyeing off, or that boyfriend style you’re unsure about, just give it a crack and never look back!
  5. Size really is just a number – different brands have different measurements and sizes. Your trusty size 10 figure maybe just that one size up in a certain brand. Don’t be scared by that! Think of what’s best for your figure. A quick tip, if you find a pair you love, take in at least 2 sizes into the change rooms to be safe.

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